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Prepare yourself for gritty horror and suspense that will challenge the way you see those around you.


Hello!  My name is Jonpaul Taylor, and I used to get murderers out of prison.  Of course, I’m only kidding with you.  Kind of…

While working as a researcher, my job was to learn people’s stories.  Those people just happened to be murderers, and the audience just happened to be the courts that decided whether or not those clients ever got to go home.

I learned two things while working with my clients: no one wakes up evil and everyone has a story.  Some of those stories are terrifying.  Some of those stories are disturbing.  Some of those stories will crush you under their weight.  One thing is for sure, though.  Those stories are never boring.

You won’t find my client’s stories here.  That wouldn’t be right.  However, you will find stories about characters who face hardship.  You will find stories about pain.  You will find stories that make you question how you feel about those whose paths you would never otherwise follow.

Like I said: Everyone has a story.  Are you ready to listen?

The Scrapper

The Scrapper

facebooktwitterinstagramHe should have stayed home.  He had been doing this long enough to know that he had plenty to get by.  That’s the thing with addiction.  There’s always a need for just one more fix – one more dose of pungent ecstasy to warm the saliva in his...

Streamed Live

Streamed Live

facebooktwitterinstagramDan Conway had no problem with pain.  He wasn’t one of those sick bastards who liked it, but he’d taken more than his fair share of punishment.  When he broke his foot in high school during the Homecoming Game, he limped off the field and...